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UHS MBBS anatomy paper ‘leaked’

Discussion in 'MBBS in Pakistan' started by drwatson, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    FAISALABAD, Nov 1: Question sheets of MBBS First Professional (Part-II) Anatomy (including Histology), short essay questions (SEQs) and multiple choice questions (MCQs), along with answer key were reportedly leaked out several hours before its start, Dawn learnt on Friday.

    The University of Health Sciences (UHS) conducted the exam by setting up scores of centres across the province for thousands of students attached with more than two dozen medical colleges.

    Sources said that a number of students received calls in different cities of Punjab from unidentified people who informed them that they had question sheets and answer key of the exam. They offered both the question sheets and answer key for Rs20,000 that could be paid after the examination. They said some of the students had purchased papers and later on shared the questions with their fellows through short message service (SMS) of their mobile phones on Friday.

    Talking to Dawn, a student, requesting anonymity, said question sheets leaked out through SMS at about 4am on Friday and a majority of the students had messages in their cell phones prior to the examination. He said most of the students did not believe in the message sent to them, considering that somebody had played a prank on them. However, on the Friday morning, the SEQs and MCQS shocked them when they were exactly the same questions as sent through the SMS.

    “Those who got the message will have fun but what about those who did not get the message and worked hard all the year.” he added.

    Dawn has obtained the message that was sent to students hours before the paper with time and date.

    Another student confirmed that he had received a call from an unknown number at about 10pm on Thursday and the caller offered him a copy of question sheet with key for Rs22,000. He said the man had offered him the hard copy, saying that a number of students of private medical colleges in Lahore had purchased the question sheet. He said the man also offered him the Anatomy paper along with its backup, prepared by the UHS. The backup sheet had been obtained if the UHS would change the first paper on information of its leak, he quoted the man as saying.

    Sources said the paper leak was the sole responsibility of the examination branch as its secrecy branch had entrusted duties of security of question sheets, paper setting, printing and sealing of question sheets, coding of answer books with fictitious numbers and bar coding and centralised paper assessment.

    They said it was point to ponder that how the answer key was also leaked out that was about to be given to the examiners at the central examination hall as the university had arrangements of central marking.

    UHS Controller of Examinations Dr Saqib told Dawn they had found no evidence that the question sheets had been leaked out or anybody had its answer key. He said the people had been talking about the paper leak but nobody was providing any evidence.

    To a query that how answer key was also circulated as it was not yet distributed to anyone, he said the university had prepared four answer keys.

    However, a doctor said the question of number of keys did not matter. The point was the leaked key had exact answer of the questions taken by students in anatomy exam. All the MCQs were the same, only question order had been changed in the four different sets of papers, he added.
  2. huma1985

    huma1985 New Member Leecher

    the paper of UHS Lahore today date 20-08-2017 was not that paper that was leaked.
  3. huma1985

    huma1985 New Member Leecher

    the paper of UHS Lahore today date 20-08-2017 was not that paper that was leaked.
  4. zahra1234

    zahra1234 Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    ohhh paper leak hogya tha aik hmare mulk ka system
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