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Share House Job experience as a foreign graduate in Pakistan.

Discussion in 'House Job in Pakistan' started by drryan, Feb 29, 2016.

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  1. drryan

    drryan Active Member

    Plz share your experience as a House officer(Foreign graduate) in Pakistan.
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  2. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    My housejob was of 6 months in medicine in Railway general hospital, it was good in learning and also work load wasn't much as that of busy government hospitals. Then I did my house job in MH hospital rawalpindi, in radiology for 3 months. I enjoyed there as well in cool environment of radiology, no work related stress or anxiety or any pressure. I then did house job in anesthesia in railway general hospital rawalpindi for 3 months. It was very good experience of learning in a not well exposed speciality, but a vital one. This experience helped me a lot in managing emergency in ER being a CMO at the same hospital after I completed housejob.
    During this one year period, I used to study on case to case basis and problem oriented studying as this is my style, everyone may have his / her own style of study.
    I suggest others to not waste the time of housejob period by relaxing or running away from work as this is your base of medical practice and if you learn wrongly you would go on doing wrong for most of your practical life.

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  3. drryan

    drryan Active Member

    Thanks Dr Watson for sharing your house Job experience.
  4. Kexin

    Kexin New Member Leecher

    Hell dr.
    I have graduated from china in 2013. Now that i look for housejob applications everywhere they demand a fresh graduate.
    Please guide me as to which hospitals i can apply for housejobs in rawalpindi/islamabad
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