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Rules for Academies owners, Read first before posting

Discussion in 'Academies Ratings / Reviews' started by drwatson, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    These are rules for Academies owners who want to post about their academies and get rating here.

    1. Please post only ONE Topic for your academy.
    2. No personal contact details allowed, this is just for ratings. If you want to post your contact details etc, please post it in advertisement corner as you like.
    3. Contact details from posts will be removed.

    1. Make new topic
    2. Click POLL CREATION tab at the bottom
    3. Give 1 - 10 numbers (points) in Answer section of poll.
    4. Leave other unchanged.

    If you dont understand, you can contact me.
    Incorrect polls will be edited.
  2. Softgrip

    Softgrip New Member

  3. Softgrip

    Softgrip New Member

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