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FCPS OR MD?MS?PPSC? MRCP? All in one time?

Discussion in 'CPSP Exams' started by usman, Jul 8, 2015.

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  1. usman

    usman New Member Leecher

    WHere should we go? FCPS or MD MS programs???
    What are setbacks and advantages of each?
    How is MO ship under Pakisan public service comission is different from these?
    Can we appear in MRCP after part 1? how can the two programs coexist?
    Please remove the confusions.

    Highest Regards
    Newbie doc full of Question marks.
  2. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    FCPS can be done in 4 years and MD and MS in 5 years if passed in one go.
    There are no dangerous setbacks but FCPS is considered superior in Pakistan but MD and MS and recognized good in abroad. In Gulf countries both types of degrees have almost same value.
    MS and MD are university issued degrees and FCPS is the diploma from CPSP college.
    MO ship in government is just MO ship and you are just a government employee, you can't compare MO ship with training programs.
    Yes you can appear in MRCP any time you fulfill is requirements. If your supervisor is MRCP or FRCP and also approved by CPSP for FCPS training then you can be under his/her supervision for training of both at same time. Fulfill the requirements for each and appear in final exams.

    I hope your confusions have been deleted [emoji14]
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  3. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    I think similar topic has been discussed elsewhere on forum, please look around in forum to see discussion. Thanks
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  4. Salman ali

    Salman ali New Member Leecher

    @drwatson a question plz.
    After completion of frcp from uk is there any exemption from fcps training and directly give exam?
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