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Eligibility number

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Corner' started by Dr mady, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. Dr mady

    Dr mady New Member Leecher

    I want to ask if I got eligibility number in Pakistan can I give exam in ksa.wht is the fee for sle as its not mention in the application form
    Kindly reply thanks
  2. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    If you got eligibility number from Pakistan then you should take exam from Pakistan despite you can take exam in Saudi Arabia. Taking exam in Saudi Arabia will have more requirements like medical insurance which will cost you more. Better take in Pakistan.

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  3. hesham

    hesham Member Leecher

    if my eligibility number is expired and i finished only two times of test,what happens??
  4. Shamsa Rizwan

    Shamsa Rizwan New Member Leecher

    I am really stuck in an awkward error while trying to register for eligibility number on mumaris. Please see the attached file.
    I have filed in all the required information and also I received an email for activation link. But one i follow that link it takes me to this verification page, but here i am facing some strange problem. The activation button/link is not working. I have no idea what's wrong. Can you please help me how to get over this issue.

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  5. viki

    viki Member

  6. Waqaswahla

    Waqaswahla New Member Leecher

    Seniors, I need your guidance to resolve the problem for getting eligibility number. unfortunately, i'm stuck with this problem from last couple of days, i.e "Mobile number exist by another practitioner". For your kind information, Pic is attached with this post.

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