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New Profile Posts

  1. sargodhian
    Passed PMDC Alhumdullilah. Ccompleted HJ. Working as MO. preparng IELTS.
  2. drusmanjaved
    “The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.”- Hasidic Proverb
  3. aftabahmad
    in june or july may be
  4. drusmanjaved
    "Those who say it’s not about being the best know they will never be the best."
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  5. umer
    loged in aftr 2012,since movd bk frm china, had pasd pmdc 3 steps in 1st atempt,compltd housejob,prepring fr mrcs now, hope every1 gud here
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    2. drwatson
      yeah we are good. very glad to know about you.
      please post your personal experiences when you have time. Thanks
      Dec 1, 2014
  6. irfan11
    It's much easier to turn a friendship into love than love into friendship
  7. muhammad aamir khan
    muhammad aamir khan Dr.nasarlrh
    How to prepare for pmdc exam during mbbs?
  8. shahzad01
    Post graduate resident (medicine) Ayub teaching Hospital,Abbottabad
  9. pitafi007
    pitafi007 xavier
    hi..i want mcqs of pmdc step 1 held on 14 sep 2014,plz
  10. pitafi007
    pitafi007 kingkhan904
    i want pmdc step 2 mcqs..held on sep 14 2014,plz
  11. chocolate
  12. qabsha
    qabsha sundasfatima
    sundas baji??
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    2. sundasfatima
      ji farmaeyyyy
      Aug 25, 2014
  13. qabsha
    qabsha aleeza
    hi aleeza , have you cleared PLAB??i'm also studying in china & will leave for pakistan in December Insha Alah, during my internship i;m planning to do IELTS and prep for part 1, what would you suggest??
  14. Mna_daniyalmarwat
    No pain no Gain, screw yourself so hard until you achieve your Goal.
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  15. dr_akhtar86
    waiting for RMP :(
  16. drusmanjaved
    The more you practice making small decisions, the better you will become when its time to make the tough ones.
  17. Sobia123
    Sir, do you know who will probably be the host next year "August and November 2015", like this year DOW is host, m askng bcz m in final year
  18. Sobia123
    hi, i am in final year of my graduation from Kyrgyzstan, can any 1 tell me the name of books "Community medicine and foren. medicine forNEB
  19. luohui8891
    Using Tapatalk
  20. tomcats
    It always seems IMPOSSIBLE until its done -:)